Monday, May 02, 2005

Alternative Aerobic Music

I had a thought a while ago, which reoccured to me today while I took an evening jog.

Why is it that music in any sort of gym's fitness classes are generally lame club dance music tracks? The obvious answer would be that 90% of the classes are filled with women, but even that logic I find to be faulty.

Each Sunday I attend a Boot Camp class at the California Fitness on Henderson (highly reccommended by the way). Ann does a great job, and the music is fairly decent. But it just seems a bit lame at times to have some Real McCoy song thumping while you're trying to do as many squat thrusters as you can in 30 seconds.

To me it would seem much more inspiring to have more driven music. The latest track Nine Inch Nails track The Hand That Feeds is a good example. Or a bit older...Breathe by The Prodigy. Perhaps drop in some Crystal Method or even some Rancid or Green Day. Anything that keeps the beats up, but breaks up the monotomy of the dance club mix.

That's not to say I don't enjoy hearing James Brown is Dead on occasion...just mix it up with some Fatboy Slim or Offspring. Something to make it more interesting.

I wonder if there are any fitness clubs around where someone might just have Ska class, where the entire class consists of exercise through skanking. If there isn't...I want props for the idea :)

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