Tuesday, May 24, 2005

PatioBlogging Day 8 Recap

A delayed post on what happened on Sunday.

Sunday was difficult in that I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I originally hoped. We did accomplish a lot, but it just wasn't what I expected. We were successful in finishing the soil level of the wall, and were able to set in the bottom stair area. That was huge. It is fully glued and supporting the base without the need of the stakes in that section.

I also moved a lot of gravel into the backfill area. Unfortunately, I still have a lot of gravel that I will need to move.

At 1 pm, it began to rain, which effectively ended the productive part of the afternoon. I got in another 45 minutes of work around 7 pm before it started raining again. I had hoped to glue in that top layer, but I want to have dry wall stones to do that.

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