Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Still too wide: Samsung HL-R4266W

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The Samsung HL-R4266W gave me high hopes. I am looking for a set that will nestle into my 38.5" wide entertainment center. I would love to get a DLP at some point, but it's difficult to find sets that actually fit into this entertainment unit and are as large as possible.

This unit will be quite affordable when I will be be able to enter the TV market (10-12 months). But alas, it's width is 39.3". Quite starling when you consider the HL-R4677W is 40.6" wide. Perhaps Samsung's site is incorrect and the 46 is wider...or, hopefully, vice versa. The ratios don't seem to add up. I would expect the 42" to be 38" wide or the 46" to be 42" wide. Something just isn't right.

The ironic thing is, Samsung had the HL-R4266W on their site a couple of weeks ago, but it has since dissapeared. I'm really hoping the dimensions for it are incorrect.


Anonymous said...

Mike, same problem here! Wifey bought us a fancy Ethan Allen entertainment center - less than 40 inches between those doors that will never be closed. Alas! Samsung HL-R4677W is 40.6 inches! And it looks to be a current model. Wish I could help with the 38.5 space you have, but I havent seen a DLP under 40 inches.

Mike said...

I would have 40 inches if the doors didn't swing and slide inside the cabinet.

More and more I believe I'll be heading towards a direct view. The nice things about the tubes is that they ultimately should display a better color than the DLP. It's just...well...I want a cool DLP!

The slim tubes are coming out soon, so that's a positive. it's just that with a 40" screen, I could have a bigger sized picture. Because of the way speakers are stuck on tubes, I must have a 32" CRT. A 40" 16:9 screen is a 32.7" screen at 4:3, which makes it the "nobrainer" Only problem is, 40" LCDs are insanely expensive, and 42" appears to be the sweet spot which kills me.