Thursday, August 18, 2005

Surprise! Kids Talk about Roids!

This is a completly asinine viewpoint that I've seen bandied about during this whole 'roid baseball scandal. That somehow the kids will now be thinking about steroids and talking about it.

Here's a newsflash. They already have been. For years.

When I was in the 6th grade, we took the Drugs quarter in Health. We learned all about every drug under the sun and how it was categorized (depressants, amphetamines, etc.) and what these things would do to your body in terms of screwing it up. Steroids always got a big groan out of the kids when they learned it would shrivel up your manhood and might prevent you from having children.

Oh yeah, we learned that in the 6th grade...we were, what? 11, 12...oh wait, we were Little League age!

When my brother was playing on select teams, Jose Canseco was doing thr 40/40 thing and Mark McGwire was just beginning to bulk up.

Guess what...they talked then about who might be on Roids. They all thought Canseco had to be on them. And no one was surprised to learn years later that he was. In 1996 when Brady Anderson hit 50 in a pre-contract year...everyone thought he was on the juice. No question whatsoever. He was guilty in the court of public opinion.

Which is why the attention this is getting some 15-20 years later is crazy. It was going on then, and we all knew it. We grew up with kids who started going to the Gold's Gym in town and came back over the summer with a receding hairline.

It was already going on. It just took you all too long to realize it.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

RockStar Morphs into American Idol

And it was surprisingly good. I say American Idol, because it was pretty much all ballads or soft rock, with the notable exception of the evil acoustic version of Hit Me Baby, One More Time. It was a good change up.

Actually, I'd like to see more Britany Spears covers. That was a brilliant cover, makes you see how good the song actually was. Perhaps next week they should just cover all Britany and Madonna songs. Perhaps we could hear Toxic and Like a Virgin.

is very clear as to who will make the final four contestants. The three people who I've said for weeks have the talent the band is looking for + JD. JD will hang around, even though he really doesn't want to be in a band...he wants to be the band. That's why he's not right for INXS. INXS is looking for a front man, not looking for JD with INXS.

Anyway, the three who have a chance at winning are Jordis, Mig, and Marty. Originally, after the 2nd week, I had it as Ty, Mig and Marty, simply because I felt the chances of a woman winning were quite slim. I still feel that they are, but Jordis is the exception. She's only had one bad performance, and followed that up well last night. Marty has always been strong, and continued with the brilliantly evil Britany cover. That was the best performance of the evening until Mig was so brilliant. Mig was by far the weakest of the three, I had him equal with Ty, but he had been getting extra points for being an Aussie. Well, tonight he proved he had more talent hidden under there.

JD proved tonight he is just a stage show who really can't sing very well. He trys to act like Ed Kowalczyk from Live but fails because he doesn't have the voice. His act is really growing tired, as he has the rock star ego down pat, but not the talent for INXS. Another band, yes, but not this one.

The others...just aren't right for the band..................................................................INXS.

Demon Drop For Sale

Cedar Point has put Demon Drop up for sale. Thanks to ScreamScape for the tip.

This is truly sad...even if expected. I had some fond memories of that ride. Especially from my senior year in college. There were five of us who went to the Point after our finals were over...well for most of us anyway. We ended up riding demon drop over and over with these doll heads that we won playing skeeball.

Yes, I said doll heads. These were heads of stuffed animals. No bodies...just heads. Clearly manufacturer defects being offered as skeeball prizes.

Anyway, we would take these on the ride. Sit em on the floor or our laps...and watch them float away with us as we fell down the vertical slide.

Must have amused us for a good hour. There was no one at the park, it was a high of like 65, during a partial solar eclipse in May of 1996...I'm sure someone with a very geeky astronomy fetish could tell me what the actual date was.

Anyway, a sad day...not unexpected...but sad.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Alaska Really Hot

If it was only this warm when we were at Mendenhall Glacier in 2002! That water still has to be very very cold though.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

"Survivor: Guatemala" Cast Revealed - Yahoo! News

"Survivor: Guatemala" Cast Revealed - Yahoo! News

Yes I watch Survivor.

But that's not why I'm blogging about this. In fact, I could care less about who is going to be on the show. 90% of the people who play are forgettable. It's not their's short term memory.

Anyway, what I find so interesting is that it's set in a Guatemalan National Park. But that's not really what's interesting....I find it very interesting because Lori and I are going through the process of adopting a little girl from Guatemala.

It's interesting because we'll get to go there and pick her up and experience a little bit of the country for myself. Granted I'll mostly be in Guatemala City. I doubt we'll get the oppurtunity to travel even to Antigua, but it will be quite interesting. It's one of those things to see that makes me really want to check out this year's show.

It will be interesting that they are inland for this. They are quite remote as well. The province they are in got it's first paved road about 12-13 years ago.

But for me it'll give me something to look for as we fly over the area, while we look at the volcanos and tropics and ruins. But most of all it'll give me some perspective on the country that my daughter is from. She is of Mayan decent and the "natives" they encounter will clearly be Mayan.

I know I haven't talked about the adoption. I think Lori and I are a little gunshy after what we went through with Lily. It has been quite an exciting summer in that perspective, but Lily is still on our minds when we think of everything. We just are very hopeful that nothing goes wrong.

Right now we've got a Family court date in Guatemala tomorrow, Friday the 12th. We then go through PGN and some other areas before we get the "pink slip". Yes it's the only time in your life where a pink slip is a good thing. We think we should be able to travel sometime in the middle of November to the middle of December.

Anyway, I'll start talking more about our daughter as time moves on. I'll post some pictures and things soon as well, but I think I'm going to start using a service to post those that's a little bit better at handling those sorts of things.

But yes...finally a Survivor that isn't just a silly game for once. At least to me it won't be.

Keeping it Vague

It's quite challenging these days to talk about anything in this space that has to do with work. We've had a lot of change recently (I think mostly for good), but I feel constrained to speak about it due to the trouble one can get into when they say the wrong thing.

Therefore a new hobby of mine has been to search Technorati for blogs that mention my company's name. I've found a few folks out there who do work here, in other offices, that are blogging and occassionally mention the workplace. Mostly it is vauge, dealing with interoffice moves, or travelling to cities for work, or perhaps a programming challenge they encountered.

Probably the closest I've gotten to is dealing with programming challenges, or any neat tools I've encountered to deal with techy problems. I suppose if you're a consultant, or CTO of your own company, or blogging on a company sponsored blog site, it's not a big deal. But when it's your own space, I think you need to keep it as vauge as possible. Otherwise you run the risk of blogging yourself to the unemployment line.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Free Iraq, More Sex For Sale

Iraq's porn dealers risk wrath of religious right

This article just goes to show that you can't stop porn, you can only hope to contain it.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Why the Bile is a great Blog

The Bile Blog is great. As long as you get past the language....or you're like me and finds the language part of the fun.

Sometimes it's not quite there, but the latest post hits the nail on the head about some of the Open Source initiatives. In fact it reminded me of a post I made just over a year ago which touched on similar topics.

The problem with the Java community is that they have a hard time getting over themselves. They're out of touch with reality in many cases. Sure there's been quite a few open source projects that have taken off, but these projects can mostly be categorized into two areas:
  • Projects that have the backing of a large company or (even better) consortiom of companies. Prime examples, Eclipse, Netbeans, JBoss.
  • Projects that were initiated by consultant(s). These are usually fairly good, and I prefer a consultant who has written/contributes to a project like this. Why? Because they have a vested interest in seeing the project succeed. As well, they aren't selling you a proprietary bag of goods (I've been on that side before...bleah). You're buying expertise. Good examples: Tapestry, JUnit.
Sure there are other projects out there that have been successful...but anymore the best OS projects are backed by someone who thinks they can make money with it. It's not about a hippie love fest anymore, which is why great ideas (like Scarab) seem to be half dead on a vine out there while others flourish.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Jackets add Foote

So today, the Blue Jackets pulled off the signing of Adam Foote.

That was nice.

Good to see that McLean is sticking to his word (and I always felt he did...he earned a lot of respect from me when he called me to try to get me to renew my season tickets).

Regardless, Adam Foote is a very interesting signing, a huge upgrade on the defense. They still need another, however, as the blue line has been quite weak. Rumors have them on the trail of one Brian Berard. He's much younger (28) and appears to have come back quite well from his eye injury.

It may be quite an interesting season with some real signings in Columbus to go along with the young guns on offense.