Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Eklund's Hockey Rumors

Eklund's Hockey Rumors

This is quite the entertaining little site. It's quite enjoyable, even if some of the rumors seem to be quite far fetched.

I find these kinds of business negotiations facinating. To me the main problem for the NHL is that so much income is tied into ticket sales and local TV/radio. It would behoove them as a league and union to get a market like the NFL. The NHL players don't want to lose jobs with small clubs folding, hence intenseive revenue sharing would be important, and a salary cap that increases OR decreases (I feel it must be able to lower) with revenue should be tied in.

You see, if my company is failing and need to cut staff due to revenue, they cut staff. With the players union, they can't cut staff like that. Hence, I think the players and owners need to realize that they both have a right to earn money. How much they earn is dependant upon revenue, not what they think they can charge in terms of ticket price or what they think they can get from a TV contract that doesn't exist.

Anyway, keep watching that space, it's entertaining to say the least.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Crazy Month

Been a wild month here, which is one of the reasons why I've not been blogging at all. Lots of crazy work activity, which is great because I'm busy, but not as great in that I don't get to attack some of the tasks I have in my personal life (like the blogging).

I've been working on two rather large projects at work, which have some different political challenges. There's a two pronged approach on the first project, where I'm taking on multiple personalities. In one instance I take on the role of programmer trying to develop the product for the client. In the other I take on the role of lead where I'm just trying to keep all of the technical aspects of an upcoming initiative under control and organized. Sort of project management light with a tech focus. It's good though, because we need some folks taking on that role, as we have many people who know how to do project management directly with a client. Not sure if it's ultimately what I would like to do, however. I still like getting my hands dirty. :)

Combine a hectic work period, with a hectic personal life, and you don't get many updates for a month. That, and you look at the "topics of the day", and I just don't have the urge to talk about it. Enough people are ranting about that crap, you don't need to hear my take.

But I will say this. What was that display yesterday by our national team down in Mexico City? I know injuries were a part of it, but we should have been able to put out a team that could at least counter on a regular basis. We looked good for about 15 minutes or so around the time that we were able to get the goal against Mexico, but otherwise, it just seemed like players didn't have the space or the ability to get anything done.

We put a lineup out, which contained plenty of speed...and yet we didn't use it. Not sure why Beasley was in the middle of the park, when he tends to work better on the flank where his speed is a true asset. Our makeshift backline showed why it was makeshift. It frightens me that Berhalter is an option at center back. It's unfortunate that Chad Marshall doesn't have the experience in that sort of match, because I think he would have been a much better option.

Arena better have his attacking shoes on in Birmingham (very curious to see how ticket sales have gone there) against Guatemala on Wednesday. We can ill afford to earn anything less than 3 points.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

SMS now MSU (or will be in August)

The Missouri Senate just passed a bill that allows Southwest Missouri State University to change its name to Missouri State University.

As an alum who is not working in St. Louis, KC, or other regional cities...I am very happy for the name change. It makes the school sound better. It's a real school, not a for-profit adult education school.

So big props go out to the Missouri Legislature for finally getting the job done!


I am easily amused sometimes:


Moving Servers

I've moved over to Blogspot...because I decided I wanted to use the Road Runner space to store some other things. I'll eventually get all of the forwards coded for the old pages.