Saturday, May 21, 2005

PatioBlogging Day 7

Today was a huge day. Worked from about 7 am until 4:30 pm, with a break for lunch and a trip to Lowes in there somewhere.

Scot came over and my boss Neil stopped over for a while too. We made a huge dent into the gravel mound, and there is probably a little over a ton left. That was rolled out over the base and compacted slightly with the old school water weight roller.

We then began the tedious process of digging out the first row of wall stones. This was not really difficult, just time consuming. It takes a lot of time to dig out the area to a good level, and then settle it into a sand/quikcrete mixture. The idea behind the quikcrete is that once it rains and gets moist, the mixture will help the stones to setup. It should give them a little bit of extra strength.

We completed about 70% of the first course. After Scot left around 3:30, I worked around the yard and cleaned things up and also built up the second course of stones at the lowest point of the wall. Definately going to need to purchase more stones. It looks like it could easily end up being another 80 or do. Not certain at this point how many will be required. I believe that the third course will require about 40 stones, which would leave me with around 10 to complete the fourthe course...not gonna happen! In addition, I need to build a four course sitting wall at the top of the patio, which I figure will run around, 40 stones.

We'll see how close I end up.

Pictures to be posted tomorrow, probably after working to get some good before and after shots again.

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