Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A Father's Day Message to Lilly

Father's Day was this past Sunday. It was my first as a father.

My dear daughter Lilly passed away on March 9, 2004. She technically has no age, as she stricken with a deadly condition known as anencephaly during the first 25 days of her existance as a cell dividing in the womb. The condition prevents proper formation of the brain, and if they make it through the birthing process, they might live for a day before they pass away. It is a cruel condition, as the child is not ever able to think or react to you...their reflexes act in overdrive because that's all they have.

There's nothing that Lori or I could have done to prevent it, which makes it hurt even more. If there was a single thing we could have done, we would have done it. But we couldn''s hard because you want to do something, and you can't. You're helpless.

We believe that our daughter would have done the same thing that we would have done, if we were able to think for ourselves. I know I would tell Lori to let me go, and move on with her life, and I know Lori would do the same if she was in those shoes. It's the only thing you can do as a parent is try to think what you would do if you were the child, and could truly understand what's going on.

After Lilly's passing, Tigger (Lori's cat for 11 years) began to rapidly decline in health. Two weeks later, we put Tigger down as he dropped to about 8 lbs, and looked like he was in pain. We both knew that Tigger was just trying to hang on, and he was doing so to support Lori during her pregnancy. When it ended, Tigger's plan and purpose changed. He had to move on, and go and be a friend to Lilly. He knew us, and would be able to let her know how much she was loved by her parents. He would be able to tell her about us and let her know where to look on Earth to see us. More importantly, he could show her the love that he gave us during his time here.

We have an little statue of an angel in our front garden that Lori found. It represents the daughter we never really knew, yet loved from the start. I think of her every day, and am reminded of her when I see the little angel.

Lilly, I know you'll be able to read this on your Internet terminal (they've gotta have really cool high tech gadgets where you are)...and I want you to know that your Mother and I love you very much. When my time here has passed, I look forward to really getting to know you in the life beyond this one.

Until then, just remember your Mommy and Daddy love you, and we can't wait to see you.

Bill Clinton "My Life"

Don't pick up Billy's book until you read his blog

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Drew Carey Show

So the end of the Drew Carey Show is here. ABC has already ripped through 6 episodes over the past three weeks. I don't know if they produced a full 26 episode season or not...

Anyway, it's great...they've gone all out...jokes are very rude, and funny. The show is took a step back towards being outrageous, and why not? It's not like ABC cared about the show anymore.

Now that we've got the Time Warner DVR, it's easy not to miss an episode. These DVRs are going to really help shows like Drew Carey...Scrubs comes to mind...where they are well written, but get moved around a bunch because execs don't think they're "safe" enough to just hold a specific time slot for 10 years. Fraiser was in a similar boat as well.

At least now with TiVos and DVRs around, we can set it to record and then just check the database now and then to see when epsiodes are's going to help to save these shows, just like DVDs and reruns have saved Family Guy and brought it back for 2005. What's going to happen is, people will begin to really find the good shows that are buried on TV....and they will change their viewing habits to stop watching the crap (like Friends became over the last 3 years), and start to watch the good.

Ed Rooney

I've just finished watching the finale of Deadwood. Very good show, very interesting characters. I've gotta believe that the actors really enjoy doing the show since the characters appear to have big ranges in depth....keeps it interesting.

The most intertaining character by far has to be Merrick, the town's newspaper publisher, played by Jeffery Jones. Jeffery Jones was Ed Rooney in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Unfortunately, he's also somewhat of a pervert, having a Paul Rubens episode in 2002. It happened about the same week as Pee Wee's incident, which is why it was buried. I'm pretty sure there was a plea bargain involved and an eventual No Contest so he couldn't get nailed in civil court. Who knows what the true story is, but its clear he is having trouble getting work, since Deadwood is the work he picked up.

And let's be realistic...these shows are showcases for the lesser knowns...and he's a minor character...which makes him even lesser known. Regadless of his past, he is simply amazing in this role. He's into it, and is very entertaining. It is somewhat unfortunate that the character is so minor. Perhaps in a year or so when the next season starts up we'll see more of him...not because he's got issues...but because he's good.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Naked Warrior 5 Days Later

So I've been doing this Naked Warrior routine from Pavel for the past 5 days. Not bad I say...since I've actually been keeping up with it.

I've switched my routine such that I'm doing a total of 15-20 of each exersize for each limb per day. That is, I end up doing 2-3 reps per session with each arm or leg.

At this point, I've modified the routine to use Airplane Lunges instead of the Box Pistols. For me, it's more satisfying to complete full reps of an exersize, than to have to stop in mid air. If there's no bench around, it's tough to do the box pistol. The lunges are a full fledged rep. If I miss on a lunge, I only miss by an inch or so from the ground, which is measureable. Missing in mid air on those pistols makes it hard for me to be consistant.

So I'm basically doing 40-50 degree angled one arm pushups, depending upon the wall, or table/chair I am near, and airplane lunges, and try to get in 5-7 sets of 2-3 reps per day. So far I have noticed a slight difference...nothing to write home about, but the 30 minutes scattered throughout the day to accomplish this goal is much more entertaining that going to a gym for 30 minutes. I do these in my cube at work during breaks.

Obviously, the real payback is in a couple months...that's when we see how much better I can do these exersizes and how much more strength I have gained.

Test Audio Post

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Friday, June 11, 2004

UEFA EURO 2004's Website


I'm not sure if I have seen an uglier site in a long time. It looks like a 4th division football club's shirt with it being clutters with ads and nonsensical fonts.

I'm not sure who the crack addict was who designed this one, but it's bad. Those people bitching about the redesign of the JRoller front page have nothing to complain about after looking at this.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Strength Training by Pavel

Pavel is this hardcore Russian dude who writes books and such about strength training. Not bodybuilding, but strength.

Ryan let me borrow this book called the Naked Warrior by this dude. The idea is that you can gain great strength by performing two exersizes (and simple variations there of) without using weights...just your body weight. The pistol (a one legged squat), and one armed pushups. There's a technique to tensing your muscles to get them to work properly as well.

Since I'm generally a lazy bastard, I'm intrigued by this. Not because of the lazyness, but because it doesn't require going to a gym. In fact, he talks about just setting up a routine to do the exersizes that you always follow....go upstairs, do 4 pushups with each arm. Come back down, do 4 pistols with each leg. Which is a thing I can get into...I just hope I don't get OCD because of it.

Anyway, I think I'm going to give this a shot...since I'm so weak, I'll be starting with the simple one-armed pushups...leaning against a chair...and the simple pistols...coming up out of a chair. They say you can see results in terms of doing more reps than you thought possible in seems worth try it anyway.

It's just that I end up being so busy, it's tough to find time to do anything...I'm working right now, monitoring runs for a large I can't really be at the gym, or running a couple miles around the neighboorhood. Well, we'll see how it goes...hopefully pretty good...I'll post in a few weeks what happens.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Stanley Cup Game 7

Hey, so, no one in the US, save real hardcore hockey fans is watching the Calgary/Tampa series and it's unfortunate. This is a great series, with both teams playing entertaining attacking hockey, yet also having strong defense.

It's good to see teams actually attacking and still being committed to the defense. Defense wins championships, but these teams are playing an attacking defense. It's like playing full court presses instead of half courts all the time. Very entertaining to watch. And how about Richards? Talk about boosting your stock. All you heard about was St. Louis...but Richards is my kind of player. Richards and Iginla have been tremendous, and the role players for both teams have boosted their play.

I'm concerned about the lockout, but right now, I'm enjoying the hockey. I don't think Game 7 goes to OT, but I expect a 1 goal margin in victory, and at this point I think both teams have a great shot...but I have a feeling about Calgary.

Fry's Marketplace Part 2

Since I've been working so hard, I haven't gotten to talk about Fry's Marketplace.

I emailed them the other day to ask them about the new store to go in at the old Big Bear at Mill Run. Then on Tuesday afternoon Kroger (the parent company) left me a message on my home phone telling me to keep an eye out this week for a real press release.

So this is good for many reasons....

One: The article was true
Two: It looks like they might actually have a store up and running by the fall, which would be wonderful
Three: Kroger customer service/policy is good because they actually responded to me, which I honesly didn't expect at all....especially since I slagged the Kroger about 2 miles down the road to the West of this store location.

So props to Kroger for bringing this brand in, hopefully it will work out...I like shopping at Kroger, just not the close ones to me....I end up always going to Giant Eagle instead because of its produce section.

Working my arse off

I've pretty much logged 20 hours this weekend working. My big client just put in a new processing routine, and it's having challenges. Quite frustrating, as I'm working day and night trying to get them caught back up.

I'm probably going to spend all week looking for ways to change what I am doing and get it working faster and more efficiently. Anything that improves things would be good. :)

More posts on other things to follow