Monday, May 16, 2005

PaverPatio Blogging Day 1 Recap

The big paver patio project has begun. After a rain delay on Saturday, a good friend of mine, Scot, came over to help me with the paver patio. Luckily he has done this before ;)

Scot brought over a sod cutter from Home Depot rentals. We ran this thing over the ground, scraping out about a 18x18 area for the 16x16 ft. patio. We then took the sod and used it to help build up the area at the base of the patio. The yard has about a foot drop! Of course, we can only drop the patio about 2 inches for drainage purposes over 16ft. So, a temporary wall was constructed with plywood and staked out with leftover lumber from the old back steps. We have one problem to resolve tonight, and that is to fix part of the back wall, which is slipping away. It needs an additional stake for support. We were quite surprised, however, as it seems we may actually have enough dirt in the excavated area to do the job. We were concerned at first that there might not be enough.

Hope to get the dirt finalized tonight and start with laying the gravel base mix tomorrow.

Pictures when I get home. Hello is blocked here at work.

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