Tuesday, May 31, 2005

PatioBlogging Memorial Day Update

Difficult weekend.

Accomplished a lot on Friday and Saturday. Got the base truly level and sloping appropriately for drainage. Got top soil and have the sides of the wall filled in. Built the step for the egress area.

Obviously have the entire wall built..although that occured on Thursday night.

Was getting ready to lay the patio on Saturday, when it decided to thunderstorm around 2pm. So fortunately, we had not gathered up the sand. Sunday was spent cleaning up the backyard, and getting rid of excess sod and wood. And Monday just isn't good for rounding up some assistance in completing it.

So perhaps the patio will be laid down today, otherwise it will be waiting until the weekend. Until then there is plenty to do with chopping up clay soil and keeping some of the excess sod alive in case it needs to be placed somewhere. I'm a little concerned that it's too far gone, but we'll see.

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