Thursday, June 30, 2005

What's the deal with Hybrid Irons?

So I've been looking at hybrid irons (kinda strange considering how little I've actually played golf this year), and I'm trying to really figure out what the big deal is.

Are they somehow more "manly" than the 5 wood or 7 wood?

You see, I still have my 5 wood from my initial full set of clubs from when I was 15. And I'm looking at it, and the head size on it is tiny...much like these hybrid irons. The curvature on the head is different, of course...but I get the feeling someone figured out that a 5 wood is a great club, but it just needed some dressing up.

When I was in high school, the 5 wood was the "go-to" club for me. I could hit it about 200 yards and was very consistant with it. Now, go out and find a 5 wood and it's head is 4 times the size of the old Square Two club. It doesn't cut through rough as well either. It gets the ball up much much quicker, but it's not as versitile.

At one point I was thinking about replacing the 5 wood I currently have with another...but now I'm thinking of ditching the 5 wood all together and going with some sort of 2 iron hybrid, which in essense, gives me back the old utility club that I used to love. Too bad they're so pricey now because they're the "in thing".

Yeah Yeah, Patio Pix soon

Eventually I'll get around to taking the final pix. Hopefully this weekend after I paint the back door frame. It's definately in need of some touching up! I've been busy with fixing some drywall in the garage. One day I guess I pulled in a little too far.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Google Earth

Be very very geeky.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Patio Project Nearing the End!

This weekend was a long one. I spent about 4 hours heading to Home Depot for wall parts on Saturday, and built 3 of the 5 courses of the wall and glued down quite a bit of the steps. I also began digging and settling in a drain pipe into the new flowerbed.

Hauling fifty fourty-one pound stones is a lot of work, even over two days. Not only did the fifty that make up the sitting wall get moved once onto a cart in Home Depot...they were hauled into the Escape...then onto a pallet at home...then around back and set temporarily on the wall...then taken down...then glued on. So that's, what...conservatively 300, 41 pound dead lifts? Nope, don't need to go to the gym this weekend. In addition, I moved 12 of the other wall type to create another edge to the flower bed and 12 other stones that make up the sides of the steps. A lot of lifting!

The steps are great. On Thursday Scot and Ryan came over and helped to build the foundation out of cinder block and mortar. It was good as I had never used mortar before. Good to have someone show me how not to screw it up. It's not that it's hard or rocket science, but it's good to see it done.

So now the only thing left is to purchase rock and some sort of edger or more wall to build a rock garden on the edge of the patio on the other side of the stairs. That's it. Rock garden and put stone in the other step area.

So the end is in sight!

Wall and Steps

A look down the top of the wall and steps.Posted by Hello

Patio Furniture

New furniture from Sears Posted by Hello

Wall, Steps and New Chair

Completed Wall and Steps with a new lounge chair. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 06, 2005

Huge Patio Weekend

It was an immense weekend for the patio. An enormous 12 hour day on Saturday completed the laying of the stones.

And we thought it would take 6 hours...ha!

It was very good that Scot was there to help me, or it would have taken me 24 hours. It was even better that Neil offered his time around 10:30 am, or we would have been there until midnight laying stones.

It was a long day.

The heat had a lot to do with it, as it was the first truly hot day of the year. The temperature hit about 88 here, which is 10 degress above normal (it hit 90 on Sunday). That, along with the humidity near 90% brought unusual weather for Central Ohio.

And yet, here we were moving 142 patio stones that weighed 35 lbs each, and over 1 ton of sand to the back yard.

First, we piled up the sand, and began to scree it. At that point we realized that there we measured wrong and that the patio stones were actually 1.5 inches in height and not 2 inches.

That was annoying. We needed more sand than we thought at that point.

The other annoying part was dealing with how the paver base settled. The heavy rains didn't cause it to settle as flat as we originally left it, which is ok, since it settled, but annoying since it often caused us to dig a little channel through the base in order to fit the 1" PVC pipe used to scree the sand. It always looks simpler in those do it yourself guides, doesn't it?

Regardless of the pain, I am estatic to have this done. Scot and Neil were a huge help and I can't thank them enough for donating their time and energy. I definately got in my reps on the 35 lb dead lift Saturday.

On Sunday, Lori decided that we needed to clean up and plant we went and picked up some flowers and a set of solar night lights from Home Depot. The lights look really cool and were a good deal, 6 for $50. The flowers have really taken to the top soil, which I am very happy to see. Some have already begun to sprout even while only planted for 24 hours!

Next step is, the steps. Once that's done, I can take my time and build up the sitting wall as well as the side egress/dog "facility" area. But huge progress was made, only a few good days away now.

Soft touch of flowers

Flowers add a nice soft touch between the wall and the patio. Posted by Hello

Patio up close

Used too much sand to fill in the gaps between stones. A lesson learned. Posted by Hello

Retaining Wall Adds to the Look

The wall adds a really nice look, blends very well. Posted by Hello

Patio Pavers Laid

Patio area almost completed. All that remains are steps and a sitting wall. Once the steps are in, the patio will be "useable". Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Arrested Development?

No not the show..

So it wasn't the TV audience with no clue, it's the studio audience.

Maybe it's because they have all of their music piped in,or played by studio musicians, but they still suck.

If anything, freaking Tiffany was actually pretty good. Loverboy was better at doing Hero than they were their own song! Same for Flock of Seagulls, who apparently is pretty much doing metal.
Very interesting.

At least the other acts seem to be trying something new, while well, Arrested Development still sucks.

Overall the show overall sucked. Mostly because the acts were poor in the first 15 minutes.

All of the old hits were worse than the covers....go figure. Probably because we expect too much out of the old hit, especially live.

The production budget seemed to be the equivelant of a BBC broadcast, and they went total cheese, which was correct.

But because the first acts were so painful, and the fact that the viewers dont get to vote...the show sucked...there is no inbetween.