Saturday, December 15, 2007

Morons at Delta Airlines Customer Care

On Tuesday I was on Delta flight 1662 from Orlando to Cincinnati.

While on that flight, I ended up losing my phone. I talked to the folks at the Columbus service counter who were very nice and texted Cincy to let them know about the problem. I ended up talking with the Columbus connector flight attendant who saw nothing during her sweep of the connecting flight.

When I got home I decided to place a call to baggage service for assistance. I got someone overseas handling the call, who took down my information, but gave me no claim ticket number, or any way to track my incident. I let it go because they did take down my information.

Late Wednesday evening I discovered that it actually fell out of my pocket in seat 16E into seat 16D....I know this for certain, since I have a picture of it.

So on Thursday, I decided to call baggage service again and get a status update. The person was beyond rude, telling me I had to wait for a call. He wouldn't answer my question about a status, and just told me I had to wait. A simple, "We haven't found anything yet" would have been halfway decent but I didn't get that. I said "Thanks for nothing", hung up the phone and began to compose the following email.


Name: Mr Michael Cornell
Email Address :
SkyMiles Number:


Email about Past/Future travel: Past
Nature of Comment: Complaint Concern
Email Pertaining to: Customer_Service
Email about Other topic:


I am very disappointed in the service provided by your baggage claim
department. On Tuesday evening, I placed a call to the service
department to state that I believe I lost my phone on the 1662 flight
from Orlando to CVG. My wife took a picture of the me while I was on
the flight asleep, and the phone is lying in 16D right next to me in 16E
and my 2 year old son in 16F. The landing was rough and a magazine my
son had been playing with fell to the floor from 16D. Probably the
phone fell as well.

So I called today to get a status update. The rep said that I need to
wait for a call from you. I just wanted an update on the ticket that
should have been opened to look for this item. The issue is, I don't
believe that the first person ever took down my information. By this
time i should have had some information on if the phone was found or not

so i can make appropriate arrangements.

The phone is a Motorola K-Razr. it is white, has a mirrored front and
has a crack on the mirrored front that runs through the camera lens on
the phone from the top to the right hand side.

The only folks who I believe did take my information seriously were
those at the baggage claim in Columbus when i discovered the missing
phone. They sent a teletext to Cincinnati to have someone look for it.
Unfortunately i have not been kept up to date on progress and I am very
disappointed in that I cannot call for a status.
Would you like a reply to your e-mail?:yes


Flight Number : 1662
Date : 12/11/07
Departure City : Orlando
Ticket Number :


Flight Number :
Date :
Departure City :
Ticket Number :


Baggage concern category: Carry_on_lost
Baggage Ref. # :

Here is the brilliant response in return:
Dear Mr. Cornell,

Thank you for the internet message regarding your cell phone that was
left on board Flight Dl 1662 on 12/11/07.

When we find an unclaimed article, it is turned in to the Baggage
Service Department in that city, and it is held for a period of time
awaiting owner identification. We are conducting a thorough search and
will let you know immediately if we locate your property.

Again, thank you for writing. We appreciate your selection of Delta and
will always welcome the opportunity to be of service.


Customer Care
So now I'm sitting here wondering, this guy is a manager? He covered none of my concerns. I'm pretty sure this was a form letter, because it addresses nothing. I thought I should clarify things:

I appreciate the response, but it still doesn't tell me the following:

My original concern was documented properly? What is the ticket number?
Why the 2nd call was handled so poorly?
What the telephone number to CVG's baggage service department is so I
can contact them.
So you can imagine my anticipation as I opened the email this evening:

Thank you for contacting us.

We are sorry to hear that your item has been lost. Our Baggage Service
Center will be happy to assist you in locating your lost article. Please
contact baggage service at 800-325-8224 between the hours of 6:00
a.m.-2:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Again, thank you for writing. We appreciate your selection of Delta and
will always welcome the opportunity to be of service.


Margarita XXXXX
Claims Manager
Central Baggage Service
That number she gave me...that's the same number with the two jerks who I don't trust to have actually helped me! Another freaking form letter. They were most certainly not happy to assist me, since they told me to basically bug off the second time I called.

My final response:

Sorry, I'm not calling that line again. They were of little help and rude...could not look up my claim.

It's clear you neglected to read the email thread, because if you did, you would have noted that I did call baggage service and they gave me no assistance.

Funny, I seem to be getting zero assistance from anyone at Delta. I asked for the CVG lost and found number and you gave me the same jerks who couldn't help me before.

I asked for three items and I received none.

I am pretty sure the phone is lost at this point, but no one has made a call on it yet, so I'm still waiting it out.

Eagerly awaiting a response Delta, please try not to use a form letter.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Update to TrophyManager Training Script

I've updated the training script to support the new flash based graph. The new graph makes this script less useful, since the graph now shows the detail that was left out before. I contemplating not doing the update, but since the update was very easy, I thought it was worthwhile.

On another note, I've had a lot of requests to combine some of the functionality into other scripts. I would like to do that, but just haven't had the time. I actually would prefer to learn how to make these scripts a legitimate Firefox extension, but haven't had the time. A lot of logic is repeated in all of the scripts, which for you programming geeks, severely violates DRY. Moving to an extension might help to solve some of those issues.

But again, time is the concern.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know about the update.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Human Weapon Connection

Sorry if you were searching for something serious today. But, I went to High School with this guy. He was a year behind me, but, this site and the public persona is just highly entertaining for reasons that you wouldn't understand unless you happened to be around him.

Always was a big fan of the Punisher shirt. That was quality stuff. You see, underneath the badass persona, and wrestler is a comic geek. I gave up wrestling when I entered high school, but many of my friends and acquaintances wrestled. So I followed their high school careers fairly closely, from reading the papers to see where Delran was ranked, to talking about it during library study hall with conversations more compelling than 99% of sports talk radio, and attending matches.

Bill always wore a Punisher shirt before he wrestled. It was part intimidation, part getting the mind prepared for the match. Actually it was probably more the latter. Comics weren't my thing, but as computer geek I totally get geeking out over something like the Punisher.

For the most the Punisher persona worked. I just remember that 99% of the time, Duff destroyed everyone he encountered on the mat. There was that one time he lost at home...very un-Punisher like reaction after that one. I wish I could remember if it was Paulsboro we were getting killed by or what...but a 17 year old Bill handled the loss as a 17 year old would. It probably doesn't mesh with the persona on his marketing page.

The entire reason I found out about this was due to Tennessee taking on LSU this weekend. I thought, hey, whatever happened to Duff, since he went to Tennessee to play football. Googled him. And found all of this out. Gotta love the Internet and cable. I'm even more upset that he apparently played for the Destroyers and I didn't get a chance to see him in action. Of course Speilman was coach for the Destroyers then, and they relied heavily on the "Indoor Buckeyes" theme, so who knows how much he actually would have played.

Now I just need to see this Human Weapon show, because, well, I just haven't seen it yet. I wonder if he's on LinkedIn :)