Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Drudge Top Headine not Dean

At this point, the top headline at Drudge Report is Bush Wins.

This is quite boring. There are many more entertaining headlines.

Dean Goes Nuts comes to mind. Especially when you think about the implications of how that headline and others like it probably helped eliminate Dean from the Dems race.

And the scream still doesn't get old in terms of enterainment.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Belated Toronto Trip Pix

Here's a bunch of pix from our journey to Niagara Falls and Toronto that we took in September. Long overdue, I know, but it's been very busy around these parts.

I don't know why Frankenstein eating a Whopper amuses me, but it does. And that's Niagara Falls for you...striving to become a mini-Vegas:

The falls at night:

The falls at day:

Lori and a rainbow:

Both falls from the Sheraton:

Toronto from our room at night:

Toronto from the Casa Roma

Cool fountain in the Casa Roma garden:

T-Rex at the ROM:

CNTower Views:

Toronto skyline from the ferry to the island.

Riding a bike built for four on the island.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Some Fry's Marketplace Hope?

Last weekend, I drove by the old Mill Run Big Bear store, and noticed they were having a "HUGE GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE".

I thought they already were? I'm guessing they're selling all of the fixtures that they have yet to move from the prior liquidations. With any luck this means that Fry's Marketplace is still coming to Mill Run.

Watching the Wheels

So on Monday, my little sister's appearance on Wheel of Fortune was broadcast.

I have never been so amused by a broadcast of any show, with the exception of my 30 seconds of fame on the WCW Souled Out PPV, and 15 seconds on an old broadcast of WWF Raw (yeah, before they got sued to change their name). The main difference being, no one knew who I was. :)

Amy did really well in that she won some coin! She got to validate how short Pat Sajak is, and got to experience the vocal stylings of Oklahomans. Actually, that's what I learned from watching the show :)

So this shout out goes out to my sis! Way to go!

TED FM admits playlist driven by an iPod

It's Internet radio, over the air...and they now admit it.