Sunday, June 06, 2004

Stanley Cup Game 7

Hey, so, no one in the US, save real hardcore hockey fans is watching the Calgary/Tampa series and it's unfortunate. This is a great series, with both teams playing entertaining attacking hockey, yet also having strong defense.

It's good to see teams actually attacking and still being committed to the defense. Defense wins championships, but these teams are playing an attacking defense. It's like playing full court presses instead of half courts all the time. Very entertaining to watch. And how about Richards? Talk about boosting your stock. All you heard about was St. Louis...but Richards is my kind of player. Richards and Iginla have been tremendous, and the role players for both teams have boosted their play.

I'm concerned about the lockout, but right now, I'm enjoying the hockey. I don't think Game 7 goes to OT, but I expect a 1 goal margin in victory, and at this point I think both teams have a great shot...but I have a feeling about Calgary.

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