Saturday, June 19, 2004

Drew Carey Show

So the end of the Drew Carey Show is here. ABC has already ripped through 6 episodes over the past three weeks. I don't know if they produced a full 26 episode season or not...

Anyway, it's great...they've gone all out...jokes are very rude, and funny. The show is took a step back towards being outrageous, and why not? It's not like ABC cared about the show anymore.

Now that we've got the Time Warner DVR, it's easy not to miss an episode. These DVRs are going to really help shows like Drew Carey...Scrubs comes to mind...where they are well written, but get moved around a bunch because execs don't think they're "safe" enough to just hold a specific time slot for 10 years. Fraiser was in a similar boat as well.

At least now with TiVos and DVRs around, we can set it to record and then just check the database now and then to see when epsiodes are's going to help to save these shows, just like DVDs and reruns have saved Family Guy and brought it back for 2005. What's going to happen is, people will begin to really find the good shows that are buried on TV....and they will change their viewing habits to stop watching the crap (like Friends became over the last 3 years), and start to watch the good.

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