Saturday, June 19, 2004

Ed Rooney

I've just finished watching the finale of Deadwood. Very good show, very interesting characters. I've gotta believe that the actors really enjoy doing the show since the characters appear to have big ranges in depth....keeps it interesting.

The most intertaining character by far has to be Merrick, the town's newspaper publisher, played by Jeffery Jones. Jeffery Jones was Ed Rooney in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Unfortunately, he's also somewhat of a pervert, having a Paul Rubens episode in 2002. It happened about the same week as Pee Wee's incident, which is why it was buried. I'm pretty sure there was a plea bargain involved and an eventual No Contest so he couldn't get nailed in civil court. Who knows what the true story is, but its clear he is having trouble getting work, since Deadwood is the work he picked up.

And let's be realistic...these shows are showcases for the lesser knowns...and he's a minor character...which makes him even lesser known. Regadless of his past, he is simply amazing in this role. He's into it, and is very entertaining. It is somewhat unfortunate that the character is so minor. Perhaps in a year or so when the next season starts up we'll see more of him...not because he's got issues...but because he's good.

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