Thursday, August 18, 2005

Surprise! Kids Talk about Roids!

This is a completly asinine viewpoint that I've seen bandied about during this whole 'roid baseball scandal. That somehow the kids will now be thinking about steroids and talking about it.

Here's a newsflash. They already have been. For years.

When I was in the 6th grade, we took the Drugs quarter in Health. We learned all about every drug under the sun and how it was categorized (depressants, amphetamines, etc.) and what these things would do to your body in terms of screwing it up. Steroids always got a big groan out of the kids when they learned it would shrivel up your manhood and might prevent you from having children.

Oh yeah, we learned that in the 6th grade...we were, what? 11, 12...oh wait, we were Little League age!

When my brother was playing on select teams, Jose Canseco was doing thr 40/40 thing and Mark McGwire was just beginning to bulk up.

Guess what...they talked then about who might be on Roids. They all thought Canseco had to be on them. And no one was surprised to learn years later that he was. In 1996 when Brady Anderson hit 50 in a pre-contract year...everyone thought he was on the juice. No question whatsoever. He was guilty in the court of public opinion.

Which is why the attention this is getting some 15-20 years later is crazy. It was going on then, and we all knew it. We grew up with kids who started going to the Gold's Gym in town and came back over the summer with a receding hairline.

It was already going on. It just took you all too long to realize it.


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