Thursday, August 11, 2005

Keeping it Vague

It's quite challenging these days to talk about anything in this space that has to do with work. We've had a lot of change recently (I think mostly for good), but I feel constrained to speak about it due to the trouble one can get into when they say the wrong thing.

Therefore a new hobby of mine has been to search Technorati for blogs that mention my company's name. I've found a few folks out there who do work here, in other offices, that are blogging and occassionally mention the workplace. Mostly it is vauge, dealing with interoffice moves, or travelling to cities for work, or perhaps a programming challenge they encountered.

Probably the closest I've gotten to is dealing with programming challenges, or any neat tools I've encountered to deal with techy problems. I suppose if you're a consultant, or CTO of your own company, or blogging on a company sponsored blog site, it's not a big deal. But when it's your own space, I think you need to keep it as vauge as possible. Otherwise you run the risk of blogging yourself to the unemployment line.

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