Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Demon Drop For Sale

Cedar Point has put Demon Drop up for sale. Thanks to ScreamScape for the tip.

This is truly sad...even if expected. I had some fond memories of that ride. Especially from my senior year in college. There were five of us who went to the Point after our finals were over...well for most of us anyway. We ended up riding demon drop over and over with these doll heads that we won playing skeeball.

Yes, I said doll heads. These were heads of stuffed animals. No bodies...just heads. Clearly manufacturer defects being offered as skeeball prizes.

Anyway, we would take these on the ride. Sit em on the floor or our laps...and watch them float away with us as we fell down the vertical slide.

Must have amused us for a good hour. There was no one at the park, it was a high of like 65, during a partial solar eclipse in May of 1996...I'm sure someone with a very geeky astronomy fetish could tell me what the actual date was.

Anyway, a sad day...not unexpected...but sad.

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