Tuesday, August 16, 2005

RockStar Morphs into American Idol

And it was surprisingly good. I say American Idol, because it was pretty much all ballads or soft rock, with the notable exception of the evil acoustic version of Hit Me Baby, One More Time. It was a good change up.

Actually, I'd like to see more Britany Spears covers. That was a brilliant cover, makes you see how good the song actually was. Perhaps next week they should just cover all Britany and Madonna songs. Perhaps we could hear Toxic and Like a Virgin.

is very clear as to who will make the final four contestants. The three people who I've said for weeks have the talent the band is looking for + JD. JD will hang around, even though he really doesn't want to be in a band...he wants to be the band. That's why he's not right for INXS. INXS is looking for a front man, not looking for JD with INXS.

Anyway, the three who have a chance at winning are Jordis, Mig, and Marty. Originally, after the 2nd week, I had it as Ty, Mig and Marty, simply because I felt the chances of a woman winning were quite slim. I still feel that they are, but Jordis is the exception. She's only had one bad performance, and followed that up well last night. Marty has always been strong, and continued with the brilliantly evil Britany cover. That was the best performance of the evening until Mig was so brilliant. Mig was by far the weakest of the three, I had him equal with Ty, but he had been getting extra points for being an Aussie. Well, tonight he proved he had more talent hidden under there.

JD proved tonight he is just a stage show who really can't sing very well. He trys to act like Ed Kowalczyk from Live but fails because he doesn't have the voice. His act is really growing tired, as he has the rock star ego down pat, but not the talent for INXS. Another band, yes, but not this one.

The others...just aren't right for the band..................................................................INXS.

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