Friday, February 04, 2005

Java Weenies Part 2

Checkout this crap.

This is what I mean when I talk about Java Weenies. It's not so much that they're bitching just to bitch. People wax poetic about open source solutions, but don't even want to contribute to the process to make the JCP standards better. It's just bitching upon bitching.

What really amazes me, is the Spring-like features of JSF that are largely ignored by these weenies. The faces-config.xml with it's dependency injection is amazingly powerful. It's a brilliant solution, and yet, people want to complain.

Here's the thing weenies. If you want to keep using Tapestry, or some other technology. Use it! But don't bitch years down the road when a JCP technology has more job postings or more people wanting to know about it.

You see, here's the thing about Tapestry, it's been around for how long now? It's on what version? And how many real users does it have, building real hard core sites? Freaking PHP has more real users than Tapestry!

But here's the thing...I'm glad Tapestry, WebWork, JSF, etc. are around. Competition is good! And admit it, you really didn't want Oracle or IBM mucking in with your OS framework did you?

NO! Wow....then stop bitching. Make constructive comments...but stop bitching and whining. It's not good for interviewing for your next job using JSF.

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