Monday, January 24, 2005

Snow Coverage Needs Embedded Reporting

I'm not sure what the reporting is like back on the East Coast, but here in Central Ohio you have the following constants:

  1. One or more reporters will get on roads, regardless of the snow emergency levels, and drive around town doing reports about how you shouldn't be outside.
  2. Weathermen will show lots of radar pictures. One of the lower tier guys will go outside and do various things to show the depth of the snow.
  3. Some lowly reporter will get salt barn duty where they get to stand in front of the huge tent covering the supply of rock salt for the roads. Occasionally they talk to the communications person at ODOT or the city.
Last week, I was talking with some co-workers and we realized what was missing. Embedded reporters on the plows.

With all of the other useless crap they give us, why not stick some reporter on an actual truck and have them report via video phone like they did in Iraq. It would be brilliant mindless television. Imagine the conversations with each Mr. Plow. Imgaine the sight of them showing idiot drivers swirving out trying to pass the plow.

It would rank right up there with LA police chases in terms of entertainment. They might even be able to sell the footage to CNN and Fox News.

Here's hoping someone takes the plunge. It would be memorable.

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