Sunday, February 20, 2005

Good news for Mill Run Fry's

On Thursday I discovered two things.

The first was that my eye doctor has an office besides the one downtown. Now, I've been in Columbus over 8 years, moved several times. But it wasn't until I ended up talking to the eye doctor a bit more that I found out that they have a practice in Mill Run (5 minutes away).

Now, what's even more interesting is that the office is right next to Mill Run's old Big Bear store. Which if you've popped up in here by searching for Mill Run Fry's Marketplace means that you heard all of the rumors about a new store to replace the old Big Bear.

Apparently they are hard at work in there, the eye doc told me it's quite loud with hammering and such. So this is great news. It's a bit of a Mill Run rebirth, probably due to the new Home Depot and Target going in on the Hilliard just North of Mill Run. With finality that a Fry's, or just a Kroger Marketplace going in, the convienence factor of where I live just went up. The new California Fitness going in there might just help a bunch too.

So all around good news for the Fry's...errrr....Kroger Marketplace at Mill Run

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