Monday, February 28, 2005

The Apprentice Columbus Casting Call

So, like a complete lunatic, I decided to head down to the Apprentice casting call at OSU on Saturday morning. The temperature was a balmy 30 degrees with a nice wind, and I was outside with 600 of my closest friends waiting in line to try out for the show.

Why try out? I joked to my director at work about it...and well...he told me he'd give me the leave of absense with no worries. (Unlike the dude on American Idol tonight who got fired and still got unemployment...musta looked REALLY HARD for that job....)

Anyway, it was sorta a joke that started out with some friends at work, and I said, f it...I'm going. So I get there a 7:15, and ended up being 228th in line. I was done interviewing at 12:30. So I don't think that was too bad...I could have been nuts and got there at 5 am, but those guys didn't get out of there until total time was the same. We were outside until 9:30 shivering. It was quite nice to get inside.

Outside the line snaked all over the place. I have pix of that following. There were all kinds off goofballs. One guy in a suit with a lime green shirt. Another guy in an all blue suit, another one in all yellow metallic suit. It was very wierd. But the BEST was the woman in the orange jumpsuit dressed like Martha Stewart. The suit said "STEWART" on the front and "CUP CAKE CORR. FAC." on the back. It was absolutley brilliant. I doubt she'll make it to the next level, but who knows?

When we finally make it to the interview, it's 14 people in a room and one "casting agent" with someone filming us. I had a strong suspicion that someone was watching that video feed, and yet, I still found a way to bomb it. ;) It was horrible topic for me. Oh you see, we had to debate a random topic...ours was legalizing prositution. Which of course I knew stuff about, but didn't feel like I "really" knew it. So I didn't want to spout off about something I really didn't know. Mistake #1. I should have just gone off. Everyone in there was stating how Vegas has it legal, which is complete bollocks. If I had just started destroying everyone's assumptions, I probably would have had a shot at it. Instead I held back, because I wasn't comfortable in the situation...still scoping everyone out. Unfortunately a 10 minute round table discussion gives you about 40 seconds to make an impression.

Unless I get a call tomorrow...I'm not in...and I'm not holding my breath. But tremendous practice for next year...assuming the show hasn't Jumped the may already have withe the announcement of the Martha show.

Here's the was a lot of fun to go...I'd do it again.

Waiting in line at the Apprentice Casting Call Posted by Hello

Waiting in line at the Apprentice Casting Call Posted by Hello

Waiting in line at the Apprentice Casting Call Posted by Hello

Waiting in line at the Apprentice Casting Call Posted by Hello

Cup Cake Correctional FacilityPosted by Hello

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