Friday, February 25, 2005

Why CD101's Modern Rock History Month Rules

At 9:15 on Wednesday, I was driving home from the gym. Because of Front Stage 101, the top of the hour Modern Rock History block didn't start until then.

So with the year being 1980, what did they play? A double set of Dead Kennedys. When was the last time you heard them on commercial radio before midnight? When was the last time, period?

Good to hear California UberAlles and Holiday in Cambodia again. Reminds me of a guy I grew up with named Ben. Ben claims it was my fault for getting him into punk by getting him a Duran Duran record for his 7th birthday. Ben was pretty hardcore into it. He was in a band in college called...erm...well...this is a family blog... OK so I can't say what band he was in, but it has something to do with a certain activity requiring two men and a woman. Let your imagination run wild.

OK, back on topic. Ben used to sit near me in home room, and he knew all the punk. Used to listen to the university radio coming out of Philly and knew all about the Dead Kennedys...used to sing the songs. Had the Dickies and Buzzcocks t-shirts.

I hadn't thought about him in a's very cool to have a band or song (esp. Holiday in Cambodia) bring back memories about a specific person. Unfortunatley, his name is so common, googling doesn't bring back anything relevant.... Maybe he'll see this and say hi :)

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