Thursday, October 07, 2004

Virginia for Real?

We don't know just yet do we?

Virginia came out lackluster against Clemson, but pours it on the second half. As I write this they are up 30-10, in control after scoring 14 points in the 4th quarter.

But, does it mean anything? So far they've accumulated over 400 yards, split 50/50 between rush and the pass, and defensively have been adequate, giving up 200 yards.

It doesn't mean anything though. Not until they meet up with Florida State next week. Their schedule has been weak, playing Temple, North Carolina, Akron and Syracuse. Clemson was supposed to be better than they are...but...they aren't.

I've seen Virginia lose to Florida State twice. They didn't just lose. They got destroyed. It will be about defense vs. offense on both sides of the ball, as the clear strengths will be on the defensive side this time. The games I saw, there was no contest between the Florida State offense and the Virginia defense. What should make this one different is that Florida State is having trouble at the Quarterback position.

One might do some analysis with the three games that will have identical opponents. Both teams beat North Carolina by 20+ point margins. And both teams will beat Clemson by about 3 touchdowns as well. Florida State will play Syracuse this weekend which might tell us something...Virginia won its matchup by 21.

All in all, it's setting itself up to be a huge matchup next week on ESPN, and maybe a visit from College Gameday in Tallahassee.

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