Thursday, October 07, 2004

Crew Sets Record, Clinches East TItle

Yesterday, the Crew beat Chicago on a swerving slider of a set piece from Edson Buddle to clinch the Eastern conference title.

The camera angle for the goal on the FSN broadcast was one of the best I have ever seen. The ball drove around the wall and hooked hard right at the end to tuck into the upper right hand corner of the goal, leaving Chicago's Ring helpless. You saw this from ground level, directly behind Buddle as he took the short pass from Simon Elliot and drove it in the net from about 25 yards.

The 1-0 win gives Columbus its first conference title, and was their 16th game without a loss, setting an MLS record in the process.

I haven't been to a Crew game in quite some time, mostly due to other priorities. I was a season ticket holder for 4 years, but just didn't have the time to continue. It is great to see the club succeed. And you have to give tons of credit to Andrulis, who despite a large number of hardcore fans against him, has found success in bringing in a mulititude of veterans to guide an excellent group of young players.

It is a good feeling to eat crow on Andrulis and the Crew this season. I hope to be there on Halloween for the playoff match.

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