Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Great Debate for Case

It was wonderful to see good ol' Emerson Gym turned into a well manicured debate stage. You could only see the refelection of windows from the "coaches" level of the gym once or twice.

Then you get the wonderful live coverage from Veale Convocation center, which was being built while I attended school. It was great coverage for the school, and a wonderful move by the administration to energize the top students in the country to consider Case.

When I was at Case, we often complained about the lack of social activities, or that nothing cool happened at Case since the Mickelson-Morely experiment. The best we could do was a Toad the Wet Sprocket show, an appearance by Carrot Top, seeing Major League 2 as a sneak preview.

Many students may not have been able to attend...which is very unfortunate. But some did. And those students won't be saying that nothing important or cool ever happened at Case.

As far as the debate goes, it's not going to change anyone's mind. But Cheney setup Bush very well for the Friday debate. It's too bad it's on Friday and no one will watch it...especially in Ohio with all of the high school football going on. Edwards hung in there, and attacked Cheney, except that he should have attacked Bush. Bush is running for President. Cheney did well not to answer questions that were dumb attacks. Edwards on the other hand, let Cheney get to him, which was not a strong stance.

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