Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Debate No One Saw

Drudge reported that the viewers for the debate were much lower for Friday's debate. NBC/ABC/CBS from 7.4-4.9 in terms of a rating.

Well duh! It was on a Friday. Now, in Texas, Ohio, most of PA, that's football night for high schools.

In Columbus, each big school game will draw about 4-5000 fans. With the number of schools in the area, it's a large percentage of the family populace out to the games.

In addition, if you're're on a date, or drinking with friends after a hard week at work.

So of course the ratings were lower. That's why this debate wasn't that important. It was imperative for Bush to get a draw to gain momentum, and he did that. But no one saw it. Everyone's learning about it from the media.

The debate in Tempe is the last debate and will be the most important. People will be around for that one.

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