Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Mary Jo Kilroy "Dean" Attack Ad

So David Goodman launched what had to be the funniest of the local ads over the past couple of weeks. The ad attacks Mary Jo Kilroy using her support of Howard Dean as the prominent reason for sucking.

It's unfortunate the ad is not online somewhere, as you need to see it for pure humor. It launches several claims against Kilroy, after which Howard Dean's scream is heard. The "claim/scream" chain goes about 4 or 5 times, after which you're bursting out laughing.

That's just how funny Dean's scream still is.

Now, I've learned nothing from this ad, which makes it a straight up attack ad. I mean who cares if she endorced Dean? It's just going for laughs and it works.

Now, Kilroy has struck back with a radio ad which I've only heard on 1230 Air America in Columbus. This ad stars Howard Dean where Dean in a calm voice questions why would you talk about him, when he's not even running? He then endorces Kilroy and Kilroy approves the message and endorcement. It's a brilliant ad, but is that lost on radio? Maybe it's running on other stations, but why bother on 1230? Your base is listening to 1230 isn't it? Or is putting Dean out to the undecideds a bad move?

I guess I'm just surprised in that Goodman will get a lot of run out of his TV ad in a race where people just tend to look at the party next to the name and vote that way. Where's the Dean TV responce from Kilroy?

Oh well, I was surprised not to see anything about this ad online. But then again, it is just the Franklin County Commissioner race.

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