Monday, November 19, 2007

More on that Case Playoff Win

A fine article Sunday in the PD regarding the 21-20 playoff win by Case over Widener. The Observer chimes in as well.

A remarkable 4th quarter with a 97 yard touchdown pass for Case to take a 15-14 lead midway through. Case would score 18 points in the 4th, with the final 6 coming after Widener scored with 1:27 left in the game.

After Widener missed the 2 point conversion, Case drove the field converting a 4th and 10 and a 4th and 13 before a 4th down with 7 seconds left at the Widener 7. They were able to convert and punch the ball into the endzone as Sophomore QB Dan Whalen completed a remarkable drive with a pass to Jeff Mayer.

This is not even close to the Case I remember...the last winning season they had was in 1991...when I was waiting to see if I would be able to get into school. I think they had four wins one year when I was there which was "huge".

Case won't be able to keep coach Debeljak for long if he keeps this up...but he is crucial because he "gets" Case. Stuckey sure didn't when he was there. Debeljak is clearly working within the system of Case and working to make sure his kids are prepared for the game as well as prepared for class. If Terry Pluto's (formerly of the Beacon Journal) column from Friday's Plain Dealer doesn't put into perspective the job Debeljak has done, then nothing will. This guy is coach of the year in D III. No doubt in my mind.

This week will be interesting for preparation for Wabash with the Thanksgiving holiday. There should be fewer tests and papers due at this point since finals are just around the bend. Wabash (a liberal arts college for men), likely does not have the same challenges in organizing practices around o-chem study groups and lab classes.

For those who were at the university in the early to mid're likely as shocked as I am with the success. You're probably not quite sure how to say "Go Case!" because there was little reason to before...but what the heck....

"Go Case!"

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