Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Some Ohio Colleges Are Still Undefeated

So, yes, Ohio State decided to choke this weekend. But there are still some undefeated Ohio teams still playing....in Division III.

As expected, Mt. Union is undefeated at 10-0 entering the playoffs. But look who else is 10-0....someone completely unexpected.

No wait for it...it couldn't be...but it is! Ye' Ol' Alma Mater is undefeated?!?! Look at the #2 seed in the UW-Whitewater Bracket.

Yes, it's true, the geeks have risen. Case Western Reserve is 10-0. It's not called Case anymore...thanks to ancient alumni changing the name back from something that was marketable...money talks and all that (and in 30 years, the "young" alumni will fix that)...but I digress.

Out of the depths of University Circle, the mighty mighty Case Spartans are 10-0. Who would have expected this!

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