Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Human Weapon Connection

Sorry if you were searching for something serious today. But, I went to High School with this guy. He was a year behind me, but, this site and the public persona is just highly entertaining for reasons that you wouldn't understand unless you happened to be around him.

Always was a big fan of the Punisher shirt. That was quality stuff. You see, underneath the badass persona, and wrestler is a comic geek. I gave up wrestling when I entered high school, but many of my friends and acquaintances wrestled. So I followed their high school careers fairly closely, from reading the papers to see where Delran was ranked, to talking about it during library study hall with conversations more compelling than 99% of sports talk radio, and attending matches.

Bill always wore a Punisher shirt before he wrestled. It was part intimidation, part getting the mind prepared for the match. Actually it was probably more the latter. Comics weren't my thing, but as computer geek I totally get geeking out over something like the Punisher.

For the most the Punisher persona worked. I just remember that 99% of the time, Duff destroyed everyone he encountered on the mat. There was that one time he lost at home...very un-Punisher like reaction after that one. I wish I could remember if it was Paulsboro we were getting killed by or what...but a 17 year old Bill handled the loss as a 17 year old would. It probably doesn't mesh with the persona on his marketing page.

The entire reason I found out about this was due to Tennessee taking on LSU this weekend. I thought, hey, whatever happened to Duff, since he went to Tennessee to play football. Googled him. And found all of this out. Gotta love the Internet and cable. I'm even more upset that he apparently played for the Destroyers and I didn't get a chance to see him in action. Of course Speilman was coach for the Destroyers then, and they relied heavily on the "Indoor Buckeyes" theme, so who knows how much he actually would have played.

Now I just need to see this Human Weapon show, because, well, I just haven't seen it yet. I wonder if he's on LinkedIn :)

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