Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Recent Blog Silence

Thought it was time to offer some insight as to why the postings here have been few and far between over the past year.
There are two major reasons, the first being a young family at home which takes up a lot of time. This is not the main reason, however. The main reason is, I've been focused on Enterprise 2.0 efforts at work.
At work, I administer a TWiki and Roller site for our greater team. What started out as a little experiment five years ago with a wiki has become a bit more now. Most of my blogging has gone into writing business specific posts that have too much insider information in them to be posted online.
I've decided that it's time to bring some of those posts externally. As I have time, I'll be taking posts, cleaning them up by removing specific internal examples and names and entering them here. Some of them were actually pretty good entries!
So as I have time, maybe once a week or so, I'll be picking a "best of" post, cleaning it up and dropping it on here along with a date as to when I originally posted it.
I hope you will enjoy.

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