Thursday, March 09, 2006

Adoption stuff starting to finalize

On Friday, we readopted Savannah in Ohio. This is one of the final steps to get Savannah a full citizenship. It is very reassuring to have her name actually be Savannah, and to be even closer to being completely done with the tedious paperwork.

Once the citizen stuff is taken care of, the only remaining tasks will be post placement studies. We are very excited to be finalizing this stuff.

Savannah is really shining. She has gained almost 2 pounds and looks very "proportionate". Her hair is growing quickly and she is really taken a liking to both of us. She squeals at us when we enter the room and is excited to spend time with us.

She is not so sure about her brother though. She is starting to smile at him now. Evan of course being the super ham that he is, is always smiling at her. Savannah is very curious and is lifting the rugs in our living room to see what;s underneath.

She is lacking a bit on strenght, so she has a hard time with crawling. She can't get her hips up yet. I believe this is simply due to a lack of tummy time with the foster mommy. She is getting stronger by the day, and navigates the room by spinning and reaching. She can move around, albiet slowly, a few feet quite easily.

Well, it is almost storytime, so I should quit for now.

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