Friday, March 17, 2006

Yes, Billy Packer it IS your job

Chicago Tribune | Packer won't back off tournament criticism

Billy Packer, continues to show what a moron he is on a daily basis.

Yes Mr. Packer, it is your job to know something about all of the Division I teams. In fact, you probably should know something about powerhouses in Div II and III.

Let me explain with an analogy that the Java geeks that come on here from time to time would understand.

It's not in my job description for me to know anything about the following techologies: Java Server Faces, Struts, TestNG, JUnit, JDOM. In fact it's not in my job description to know anything about any of those. All that's in my job description is the functional task that I am assigned. It's my responsibility to keep up with the technologies and trends that will be used in achieving that function and executing. It's my responsibility to find ways to cut costs and do things more effectively.

Last I checked, Mr. Packer, you were a NCAA Basketball analyst. That means, you are supposed to know something about the players, something about strategy and something about the teams that are playing.

So, yes, it is your job to know something about all of the Division I teams. Your job on Selection Sunday was to comment on the brackets. And that you did. And you were clueless as to anyone other than the teams in the Big East and ACC.

Much like Jim Cramer tells us on Mad Money. If you don't have time to do your homework on a stock, don't invest in it. Take your money and give it to a professional. Let them do the homework for you.

You didn't do your homework, Mr. Packer. Perhaps it's time to give your TV time up to a professional who takes the time to do their homework.

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