Monday, March 13, 2006

Time to dissolve the NCAA "Selection Committee"

So I'm officially convinced of it after Sunday's Selection.

The NCAA Selection Committee has to go. It's not even a question.

The entire process has become colluded by politics and no one cares about RPI, Quality Wins or strength of schedule. Otherwise Cincy and Missouri State would be in the tourney. Both teams ability speak for themselves. Missouri State did everything they needed to, except apparently winning at Arkansas. They beat two tourney teams in Oral Roberts and UW-Milwaukee...on the road.

They got the shaft.

And I've come to the realization that all the NCAA should be allowed to do is define how many teams will show up from each conference.

Seriously, either before the season starts, or after the new year, the NCAA committee should go UEFA on us and start doling out number of bids.Big East, you get 7, Big Ten you get 5. MVC you get 3.

Just flat out let the teams know what they're playing for up front. You finish in the top 3 of your league in the MVC, you're in.

No more of this guess work, no more backroom deals at the 11th hour. Let the backroom deals occur in the summer. Each conference gets to decide how they dole out their bids. If the CAA gets 2 bids and wants it to be 1 to the reg. season winner and 1 to the conf tourney, so be it. If they want to skip the tourney and just give it to place 1 and 2 and have a tiebreaker game somewhere...great!

The system has shown that it's not a system. It's a load of crap. You can't tell me that Missouri State didn't do everything it was supposed to. Utah State shouldn't have had to wonder what it needed to do since it moved conferences. It wasn't in until it played well in it's championship game? What else was it supposed to do? Cincy was OUT because one player hit a 3 point shot? The entire season down to a single shot?

No, it's wrong. It's wrong because those teams should have KNOWN what they needed to do to be rewarded before it was too late. They should have known...make it to the Big East semi's and you're in.

And the argument about "This removes the drama" doesn't hold. CBS already said as much with Nantz and Packer basically saying that the big conferences should have gotten more teams in....the clueless wankers that they've proven to be.

Well here's your answer. Define it at the beginning of each year using last year as your measuring stick. Or use the non-conference schedule as your measuring stick as of Jan 1. At that time, state the number of available bids for each league. If the CAA goes out and goes 60-40 with their non-conf schedule and the collective strength of schedule is 5th best, then maybe they get 3 or 4 bids.

CBS gets what it wants if they power conferences deliver. And the guess work goes away. The committee can seed the teams based upon how the conferences submit their clubs pecking order. So if winning the conference tourney holds more weight than the regular season, they get a better seed.

I can't believe that I'm promoting a UEFA style structure...but UEFA looks like a poster child of a perfect organization next to the NCAA.

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