Tuesday, September 28, 2004

RFK National Team Venue no more?

The impeding sale of the Expos to a DC ownership group could be bringing the end of national team matches at the old vernable venue.

And I couldn't be happier.

RFK was a nice facility for the team to use....but match after match of (at best) 50/50 support for the team has long overworn its welcome as a place for the USSF to rake in the coin.

The baseball team will make the facility marginal at best. That nice dirt infield will certainly make DC United matches barely tolerable. There is no way the USSF allows a match to be played on it...and if they do (even with sod)...the outrage will be immese from the online community.

I will love to see the National team playing in the new facility for United when it's built...but thankfully the days of highly partisan (anti-US) matches will be over in Washington.

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