Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Debate Tomorrow: Will it Entertain

Or will it blow?

I'm really concerned for myself. I'm looking forward to the debates tomorrow. Not because it should be particularly good, but because I'm hoping to be entertained.

I'm waiting for the train wreck, waiting for the WWF (err....WWE) style smackdown. But I think I'll probably be waiting for quite some time. Due to the negotiated ground rules I think it's going to be quite boring. Which is dissapointing.

In Ohio, we're getting bombarded with ads...90% of them are complete crap. They contradict each other, and quite frankly, I'm getting sick of them all. The Media Fund ads showing uneducated workers who somehow feel they should be in the middle class because they used to be...the Bush ads talking about health care...the Kerry ads talking about Iraq.

They all just suck. They're not entertaining. is entertaining.

But anyway...I hope I'm not holding out too much hope to be entertained tomorrow...I just somehow feel I will be, and for that I blame the GOP. Which sucks since I'm pretty much on their side in this one.

The Bastards!

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