Friday, September 17, 2004

Batman quickly exiting kittenhood

Batman will be 10 months old next weekend.

It's quite interesting as I've noticed some things about him over the past two weeks.

The voice is changing and getting deeper. I miss the kitten mews from 6 months ago.

He's sprouting hair in his ears.

His tail is getting quite longer.

Barkley has been very good for Batman. Before Barkley arrived, he was not eating, and hanging out upstairs alot. He didn't take well to us moving his food and litter box downstairs out of the master bath. But Barkley really helped since his crate is downstairs and Batman would go and observe/torment him at first. This of course got him eating. Now he eats, hangs out with the dog, no longer torments it...and now just eggs him into chasing him.

Barkley, on the other hand, is dumb. I mean, he just doesn't get the joke...he just likes to go up and give Batman kisses, which is good :)

But, yes, Batman is moving towards being a "cat" in 2 will be interesting to watch him fill out over the next few weeks.

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