Saturday, August 07, 2004

Wolfgang is back, and I missed it...

I suppose it's something to do with getting married, getting older, and just not being able to do the rock show thing every weekend, but I just don't get to see too many rock shows anymore.

Those who really know me know that I love to see local original acts. I like to see them trying out real original stuff rather than the party covers you see at the party bars. I really enjoyed hitting Chelsea's when it was across from the White Castle in the Short North. It was a favorite hangout.

One of my favorite acts to catch was Wolfgang Parker. He and his band became very close to a guy (Steve), that I worked with while I was working at AEP. Steve became their webmaster, and I became a pseudo groupie because of it, hitting as many shows as I could, because I got to know the guys. It was a blast. Used to hit the shows, drink a lot, hang out, hit Tee-Jays for 3 am breakfest and crash until about noon.

Then, I started to date heavily, which limited my time to see Wolfgang and bands like Fenster. Soon I found that Wolfgang had ended up dissapearing as I think some of the musical tastes changed and didn't quite see the brilliance of where he was taking his punk/swing fusion based sound. It is really good to see him back, as the guy was supremely talented. I still hold out hope someday to see that "The Mice, the Demons, and the Piggies" would end up as an opening track for a film of some kind. Even if it's some little independant flick (actually that would probably be best).

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to search for him today while I was ripping CDs. And I found his new site, which is great! I hope that he will have some more shows coming up soon, because I clearly missed the May show. Had way too many clearly ugly things going on at the time, which wouldn't even have caused me to think to look for him.

Anyway, to Wolf...much luck, I hope to catch a show soon. And if you did try out for INXS, as one of your posters suggested, I would be extremely entertained. They're not just going to want someone with "talent" who's got potential. They're going to want someone who's talented, knows something about the business, can be controversial, and can perform. I think you've got all three for sure. If nothing else, it would increase your fanbase on a regional basis. But it all depends on what you want for your career. I mean, how long can INXS actually last after this? 5 years at the most? That's plenty of time for other projects.

Anyway, get that gig list updated so I can plan to make one sometime!

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