Sunday, August 15, 2004

Whistling Straights Finally Showed Up

So it took until day 4 of the PGA Championship, but the course everyone was saying was the most difficult course finally showed up.

It was a flat out puppy dog the first day, and didn't get too much tougher for the 2nd and 3rd day. But today, it showed up for the leaders, which is why there is a 3 hole playoff starting now. Not at -12 where Vijay Singh started the day at, but at -8. Vijay Singh shot a 76 and Justin Lenoard shot a 75 to tie with Chris DiMarco who blistered a 71 to get to -8. DiMarco's 71 was amazing considering the conditions.

A total of 14 players managed to go under par, and they all shot up several places as the majority of the field looked at +1 or worse. Paul McGinley shot a 69 and moved from the 30s to 6th.

Those that teed off early had the advantage of better conditions, but the wind that hit the players in the afternoon looked like the type of thing that we were expecting to see from the hype that the course got. I am happy to see it actually show up...even if it was at the very end.

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