Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Media Fund's Outsourcing Ohio Ad vs. Google

Sounds like that AVP movie doesn't it?

The Media Fund is currently running an ad in Ohio featuring Ohio residents talking about the loss of their white collar jobs to outsourcing. They are all Cleveland area residents, supposedly.

Let's ignore the fact that the ad completely bastardizes the idea of outsourcing and the proper solution to it...making America a more difficult place to do business in will only speed up outsourcing in that whole businesses will move to other countries.

Let's ignore that for a moment and concentrate on the ad...more specifically the people.

My first question was, are these people real, or is the ad like the sleazy lawyer ads that run in every city in the country? You know the ones in black and white, "OOOOOH, them? We're gonna settle?"...where they just change the name of the law firm depending on the market you're in. Kinda like the Trunk Monkey ads that Byers Auto used in Columbus.

So I thought, what would Google tell me? I began to search for these people, and found some entertaining results.

Namely, it seems that they probably do really exist...and that one of them may not have been smart enough at least use a different town. This has nothing to do with my position on the ad. I'm waiting for a dumb GOP based ad to do the same sort of thing so I can search again on those people, to see if they're "real" or memorex.

Enjoy these links:

Louis Russo, Cleveland - Macedonia is practically Cleveland, so this might not be him.
Edward Lucas, Mayfield Heights - Again, there's no Mayfield Heights listing, so it might not be him, but two Cleveland addresses link up pretty close to Mayfield.
Sherease Ranking, Maple Heights - Well here's the worst...two listings in Maple Heights for a Rankin. Even if it's not her, I'm betting someone's related somehow.

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