Wednesday, May 12, 2004

World Elite Soccer's Cape Town

So one of the things I do in an effort to amuse and distract myself from the everyday annoying crud that you deal with on a daily basis is run a soccer team. Cape Town is the team that I have on World Elite Soccer. WES, is by far the best simulation out there in terms of these games. There's a bit more strategy involved than something like Hattrick, where I also run a team (or two...shhh, don't tell).

Honestly, on WES, they try to make it fun an competitive for everyone by implementing the salary cap. On Hattrick, you really have to be up all night and day scouring the player transfer markets to earn loads of cash. There's no real strategy no matter what anyone might tell you. I've pretty much given up winning games at this point, instead focusing on selling players to eventually stockpile about $200 million. By then, I'll be able to buy my way to the top and earn enough interest to buy the salaries of the stud players. Then again, inflation might make that strategy fail.

Well, back to setting my team for Thursday's I said, WES is more fun.

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