Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Batman is our new kitten. He's just inching up on being 6 months old come the 25th of May. The thing is, I can't stop expecting him to be as mature as our first cat...or should I say Lori's cat, since she only raised Tigger for 11 years.

Oh the name, Batman? You like it? I always thought that it would be cool to name a pet Batman. Much cooler for a cat than a dog I think. Mostly because cats generally think they are superheros. They climb and jump all over everything and anything. They tend to have no fear, until it really hurts. Batman will continually jump for a feather, and will make the same mistake of overshooting his hind legs. This will have him promptly do an ass flop on the ground. Yet, he still jumps...maybe after 100 misses, he'll figure it out...he is a kitten afterall.

Anyway, today I hear the story about how Batman. Batman somehow got up on the five foot high dresser, onto the television on top of the dresser, and then onto the valance, which is a good seven feet off of the ground. Now, there's nothing to sit on, except for about an inch of mini blinds. Yet he was perched up there when Lori found him and tried to get him down.

He is a hell spawn. I hear children can be like that too. ;)

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