Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Well, it's been a long time since I've done anything like this.

In the way back machine, I used to post "pre" blogs on the old CrewFan message boards. You remember CrewSchmack don't you. Boy wasn't that fun. I still use that name...it's just one of those handles you don't give up. What is really funny, is I started spelling Schmack like that ages ago, without thinking that anyone spelled it that way. Now I see it spelled that way now and then. Purposeful or not, I'd love to think I had something to do with that.

I've been slacking for the past 4 years. I should have been blogging ages ago. Call me lazy, call me busy, call me married.

It's not like I have tons of space or anything. I just wanted to host this on my own. That way I can move it whereever I like.

I've got a ton of stuff to get off of my chest. Eventually I'll get to all of it. Lots of stuff has gone down in my life recently, and some is cool, and some not cool. This is just a place to let it out.

I'll be revamping the website shortly, update the resume and such. Eventually, it'll all be good ;)


Sherry said...

Hello, Cuz!...Ain't it amazing to what lengths we'll go to, in order to track down a missing ancestor or descendant, when we barely have time to keep in touch with our own contemporary family? ;)
I got your name from Louella Cornell Totten, who tells me you two are 2nd or 3rd cousins and that you are the Cornell "expert", she the Buells, of her Mom.
I sent you an invite to a MyFamily.com site, where we have a Cornell Corner and a lot of missing puzzle pieces between the bunch of us.
For some quick FYI, here's our limited correspondence, til yesterday, which added one more email to the mix:

Beginning with her answer to my inquiry to her, which follows at bottom...I hope you will join us at the Cornell site and compare notes with the rest of us and am hoping we have "Cousins in Common"...
(ISP thru the School here)

Hi Sherry, I am not on line much anymore and hardly doing any research, But it sure sounds interesting That your gr grandmothers name was Louella. My grandmother actually went by Lula Ella! My mother said that her actual name was Louella but I am not for sure on that she was a Davis befor she married my grandfather Alva Albert Cornell. The Cornell line is being researched by my second or third cousin so I will give you his email address and he could probably give you better information than I could right now. trumpetmark@msn.com I had his web site and have somehow managed to loose that paper will try to find it and send it you please send me your site address so I can check it out.
Thanks Louella
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From: Sherry A. McClellan
To: louiet1@ccrtc.com
Sent: Monday, May 17, 2004 2:15 AM
Subject: Re: Rootsweb Group Picture

Hello! I was surprised and delighted to find your name; tho I won't jump to any conclusions, here, it's not because I don't want to! ;) There are some other surnames on the Rubottom site that I'm familiar with, but never have seen the Rubottom name before now. My maiden name is Pittser, and I never saw that name, either, but then after I started finding them, they were everywhere! Anyway...I hope you'll join us at the Cornell site, where we're trying to piece together our Cornell's in common, there and find some missing relatives. My Great-grandmother's name was mostly listed as Louella Cornell, as a girl, but then her marraige license stated it to be Louellen and traditions have it that family referred to her as just Ellen. She had a sister, Clara, who married a Joseph LaRose and lived her life in McDonald Co., MO. another sister, Eva Cornell, shown to be born in l876, of an Arkansas-born mother and Ohio born father; that showed all the girls born in TX. Their father, David Cornell, said to be a teacher, dropped them off in the Missouri woods, with his father, George and a 2nd wife, Helen Marie Sartwell Evans, and her 2 Evans boys and their kids, together. After Helen died, the 3 girls and 2 Evans boys' whereabouts are unknown, until Louella and Clara married in Hickory, Co., MO. Their grandfather George and the kids he and Helen had together show up in Arkansas, with him being buried in Witter-Smith Cemetary. There are several connections to Benton Co., AR, even now.
Benton Co., AR is just across the MO line and McDonald Co., the place of the last Census of l880, they all showed up in and Clara & Joseph remained in. Nearly everyone left MO, in the late l890's for OK , but the l890 Census records were mostly destroyed in the big records fire, in Washington DC, of course, so from l880 to l900's people turned up were they previously hadn't been, before. Without going into all this any further, I'd like to close and go ahead and send you the invitation to the Cornell's Corner, a site that was named after my Ggrandmtr, in hopes of finding her lost ancestral family records. Hope to see you there!

Sherry McClellan, Arlington, OR.
A Pittser/Cornell Descendant

Mike said...

Hey there,

Did you know I've been getting emails for a Michelle Cornell for years...and yet my name is Michael?

I've sent emails back and forth stating that before...but now get to post for history sake...that's a different person than I.

Going to take a wild guess and suggest you look at the page of this Michelle Cornell and see if that's who you're looking for.