Monday, February 06, 2006

Textiles, Volcanos and Turkey Soup

Today was our final full day in Guatemala City. We had to meet Eduardo at 10 to go for a quick tour of the city and see some local sights. We awoke around 6:30 and got ready for the day and headed down to breakfest around 9. We were able to have a nice meal before we met our guide.

Eduardo gave us a nice talking tour of areas we passed on the way to the textile museum. We drove past the Guatemalan "West Point" which was a very pretty structure along the road. Looked like a fortress.

Eventually we headed down into the small valley where the Museo Ixchel was located. A very pretty structure with the brick of the building designed to look like a Mayan textile pattern. A nominal fee and we were in, and able to see the exhibits of all sorts of art and textiles to the native Mayan people. It was more interesting to see what tribes they were from and how the styles were different. We were even able to find textiles that matched Savannah's birth mother's tribe by matching up her mother's native language with some of the exhibit information.

We enjoyed the museum and took some pictures before heading up a hotel with a view. The Quinta Real, quite picturesque and contained a great view of the volcanos on this day. One of them was even erupting visibly on this day, spewing some smoke up into the air.

After viewing the volcanos and taking pictures, we headed down the hill and across the city to see a sculpture that was a relief map of Guatemala. It was quite interesting and amazing to consider it was created 100 years ago without the help of satellite or helicopters.

After checking out the places that Eduardo would take us when we come back sometime, we went to a restaurant in Zona 1 that served a Turkey Soup from Copan Honduras. It was amazing. They serve the soup with a turkey leg sticking out of the soup. it was a spicy soup with slight tomato taste. It was served with a corn meal mush wrapped in banana leaves. You take some of the mush and dip it into the soup. It is a great taste that I won't soon forget. The restaurant served us all for about $30, and we had a great meal with soup and meats. The restaurant also had a band which played for everyone and made it a very festive place. Savannah soaked it all up and ate more Cheerios. :) When we were done we headed back and paid Eduardo $30 plus tip for driving us around for 3 hours.

When we got back to the hotel we rested for an couple of hours while waiting for our representative to show up with Savannah's Visa. She arrived around 4:15 with everything we needed to get into the states and have Savannah here legally. We then had her passport and could head over to Continental Airlines checkin counter at the hotel (nice perk). We were able to purchase Savannah's over the water ticket so that she could sit in our lap to come home.

By this time we were getting a little tired and decided to head back up to our room to start to get our bags together for our big journey back to Ohio tomorrow. We would set our alarm for 4:00 so we could get up and grab some breakfest before heading to the airport at 7:30.

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