Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Heading Home

It's early Tuesday and we're cleaning up and getting ready to go home. We have all of our stuff, just getting all of our carry on bags ready to go since Savannah will have a few more needs than the two of us.

About 6:30 we head down to grab breakfest. We eat well since we aren't sure when we'll have a decent meal during the trip. Once we get back to the room we scope out the room several times and head out to catch a cab at 7:30 to get over to the airport.

The airport was slightly annoying. Many sky-cap types who won't leave you alone. Unfortunately, I have next to no small bills to tip anyone. So I ended up giving the guy the shaft on the tip. I told him no, but he wouldn't take no for an answer, I guess he should have listened.

We check in, get our bags hand checked and head downstairs to pay the security fee. I was impressed with all of the security. We had a strict check at the terminal, followed by another check at the gate. It was interesting to have that 2nd check and block off the gate from the concourse.

Boarding was quick and the plane was very empty. We were fortunate to have the first row after first class. On this 737 model there was a lot of room between the separator and the seat, which provided plenty of room to work with changing diapers, playing, etc.

The first flight wasn't bad, Savannah didn't have any big crying fits and was generally tired and perhaps a bit scared. Fortunately, Lori had her in a Snugli and kept her feeling secure.

Once we got to Houston we had to go through the immigration process. Fortunately, we only had a few bumps and were only delayed about 10 or 15 minutes from making it through cleanly. Overall about a 40 minute process.

We then headed towards our gate...and then found that we must be in America...we had encountered stupidity. It could be that when we were in Guatemala we were the "rich" Gringos, and that here, we're just a couple with an infant....but wow did we encounter a real winner at an ice cream stand. She just provided horrible service and was absolutely no help at all. It was sad.

We got Savannah changed and fed and boarded our plane, which was completely full save 10 seats. So, we were very concerned. Luckily Savannah slept the entire flight home where she got to experience cold for the first time as it was 28 degrees when we landed.

We headed through security to see Evan! Grandma and Grandpa had brought Evan to meet his sister. Evan was grinning from ear to ear as he is a very social guy and loves to flirt and chat. We got Savannah changed and fed and headed over to the Max and Ermas in the airport so we would miss rush hour traffic.

After a nice dinner we said goodbye to Evan until tomorrow. We would take Savannah home and get her acclimatted to her new bed and room before bringing her brother into the mix. This way all of us could get a good night's rest after a long trip. We'll pick up Evan around lunchtime after we take Savannah into Children's for an analysis of her illness and begin to get used to dealing with the both of them.

So our adventure is over...but a new one begins with our new daughter! We are very happy to have her home safe and sound.

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