Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Still Around...Been Busy

As always, when things get busy, Blogging tends to die off. At least for me anyway .

Its not that there's nothing to say, it's that there's not enough time to put it into a coherant format.

I've got things to say about:
  • Savannah (Got a kick ass video of her, but no idea how to post it out here)
  • Netbeans 5 Beta (Slow, but love the new Struts/JSF integration)
  • Crew (Didn't think the level of suck could get much higher, until the loss to Chivas)
  • Jackets (If this team plans on being good, the young guys are going to have to get good very quickly)
  • Supreme Court (no sorry, I'm so far out of the poli-loop to even make a coherant statement on that...I'll leave it to the pundits)
But as you can see...all I've time for is one liners. And that'll have to do...for now.

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