Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hockey Opening Night (OLN and Jackets)

So instead of watching Invasion after Lost (more on that later), I decided to check out the post game on OLN.

I really enjoyed it, great background fodder to playing NHL 06 on the puter last night. It reminded me of College Game Night on ESPN. Look ins at games in progress, actual strategy, tactical analysis. Very good first effort.

The downside was that the production values looked like something out of ESPN circa 1979. The set looked like it might have been made out of an erector set.

But as I once read, it's all about the content. Make sure you have the content, and then work on improving the package. The NHL has tried package before and failed. This is much better because the content is there.

I didn't get to watch much of the Jackets loss to the Caps. I've always been high on Fritche, and I was very happy to see those goals. Hopefully Brule will remain around for a long while. The Jackets problem is that they're going to need to really improve on special teams. Too many penalties and not a good enough Power Play. I was fine with the kill, but they're going to need to adjust and do it quickly. Hopefully Nash will be healed up and good to go next week. I'm thinking he'll be held out against the Flames on Friday.

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