Friday, October 14, 2005

Ken Blackwell Annoying Already

So, the politics are in full swing in Ohio this week. Republican Guvnah Wannabe Ken Blackwell decided to leave a nice taped phone call on my answering machine on Wednesday. That call tied up what seemed like 3 or 4 minutes of message time.

Let me provide a clue, I stopped listening when I heard it was Blackwell and proceeded to use the facilities. When I finished up, he was still talking. I decided that I needed to wash my face. When I finished...still talking.

Who the !(*? is going to listen for that long...Period. Never mind that it's so early in the campaign that no one even cares.

He's already pissed me off. It's bad enough that Taft is a complete imbecile. Now the Republicans are going out and pissing off people in their "base" by sending annoying as all hell phone calls to people on the "W" election tour invite list.

According to this quiz I tend Libretarian anyway. Generally they have no chance of winning, but this year, the candidate is the former head of the Economics department at Case, and well, since I'm an alumnus and have an Economics minor, I tend to think he knows what he's doing.

Not sure he has a chance of winning, but messages need to be sent, and the Libretarians are the only ones who currently believe in small government (mostly because they aren't in power yet). It doesn't matter...Blackwell's a lump of crap for hogging up my phone and right now he's got a lot of ass kissing to even think of getting my vote. And if he even thinks of going the "holy roller" route he'll have lost my vote.

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